Away from crowded tree house resorts, you'll find Lapa's Nest Tree house near deserted beaches of remote Southern Costa Rica. 4 bedroom eco friendly house rental in the virgin rainforest canopy overlooking The Pacific Ocean.

The ultimate Costa Rica Treehouse adventure starts on the Osa Peninsula.

Tree houses in Costa Rica are available for rent weekly (or 4 days when less busy). Explore Osa Peninsula's gateway to Corcovado National Park near Puerto Jimenez with easy access on paved road. Best and most amazing, treehouses in the rainforest. This is the Ultimate treehouse near the beach in Costa Rica include a 4 bedroom, 3 bedroom family adventure in Central America.
Your wild family of monkeys should travel to Southern Costa Rica to meet our Congo and Whiteface Monkeys, also 100's of Mono Titi's (endangered squirrel monkeys)pass by while you enjoy wildlife including; Scarlet Macaws, toucans, trogons, parrots, falcons, owls and the occasional visit from a sloth or kinkajou. You can see also Ibus, Egrets and Blue Herons along the Agujas river estuary below less than a 5 minute walk. Small dipping pool in the rain forest keeps you cool. Also secluded beaches, mangrove estuaries and, zip lines, kayaking, Gulf exploration, surfing, Organic chocolate farms close by accessible via the Osa's only paved road (paved road ends at Puerto Jimenez). Everybody loves and enjoys fresh fruit from our organic farm, friendly staff, hiking and guided hikes through rain forest nearest Corcovado National Park. Our tree house guests post great vacation stories on tripadvisor. Favorite eco tours include : Zip lines, canopy and dolphin tours near Corcovado National Park. Recent guests have seen Margays, White Anteaters and Agoutis and yes, even the hard to find Jaguar- with a BABY!. Goldminers still live in the area and we encourage you to support local Costa Rican conservation efforts within our community.
Central America's most luxurious treehouses, and amazing treehouse hotels on CNN can be found on The Osa Peninsula in Southern Costa Rica. Hit the link above this sentence and on page 1 scroll down a bit. There we are. But remember to hit the back button and come back here!

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Ultimate Tree houses next to Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica Treehouse Rentals.
The Osa Peninsula is the spot to avoid crowded resorts and tree house hotels. You'll find Lapa's Nest Tree house near deserted beaches of remote Southern Costa Rica. 3 or 4 bedroom eco friendly house rental in the virgin rainforest canopy and overlooking The Pacific Ocean. The ultimate Costa Rica Tree house adventure starts on the Osa Peninsula. If you are looking for complete privacy while on vacation with your family this is IT! Zip line, canopy adventures near secluded beach on the Osa Peninsula. Family Summer Fun, adventure in Southern Costa Rica, Best Tree houses for rent in Costa Rica , Eco friendly rentals with 360* of monkeys, wildlife and exotic birds. Rent with us for summer or spring vacation break. Or anytime! Once you choose your date, we assist you with car rental, eco tours, direct flights from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez, and make sure you arrive safely to Costa Rica's most bio diverse location. I pass on my agent discounts for travel directly to you.

A short walk through exotic rainforest vines and towering primary trees brings you to your river rock dipping pool built over the stream! Hiking trails on the reserve are great for early morning walks. The newly opened lagoon hiking trail is an awesome night hike with our onsite guide Gilberto. The endangered Titi Monkey (Mono Titi- squirrel monkeys)population has exploded at Sombra de la Lapa Wildlife Reserve. You'll see them pass through very early morning and later afternoon most days (except a very brief period during birthing season sometime between Jan-March each year). Your rainforest tree house sits above tropical organic gardens with bananas, bread fruit, jack fruit, zapote fruit, mandarins, limes, ginger, sugarcane and more. Plus a fresh organic greenhouse with different organic vegetables available for you to use. The gardens attract a wide range of exotic tropical birds for bird watching in Costa Rica! Rare and endangered birds elsewhere in Costa Rica are plentiful here. Baird's Trogans, 2 varieties of Toucans, Scarlet Macaws, lots of different Tanagers, Mot Mots, rare Tinamou and 5 kinds of parrots are just the beginning so bring lots of extra memory cards for your camera. You'll need it!